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Hoxton Hotel, Holborn
April 2023




At the Hoxton 


First Hang April 23 to June 2023




The Hoxton Holborn

199-206 Holborn

London WC1V 7BD


‘London is a roost for every bird.’   Benjamin Disraeli



The city’s mixture of peoples and backgrounds is reflected in membership of the Rookery Artists’ Collective, (“TRAC”), a group of London based artists who are themselves a melting pot of people and styles, of backgrounds and experience. We work in different media but collaborate to produce a coherent body of work for our group shows. 


The group’s name comes from the area in Covent Garden close to the Hox, Holborn, known as the Rookeries in the 18th and 19th centuries, an area of slums lived in by the poor, by immigrants and by criminals, clustered together like rooks’ nests in a rookery. Rooks had a bad reputation in folklore as evil doers and thieves but actually they are intelligent, creative, tool-using birds who work together. 


Over the next year, in collaboration with the Hoxton Group of Hotels, we will present four hangs of work reflective of the richness and diversity of London.


In our first hang, Rooted in London, members have used material from their various backgrounds to explore this diversity, the differences between us counterintuitively being what ultimately unites us and makes London what it is.


For more information on the TRAC members please visit our website

Follow us on Instagram @therookeryartists

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